The Naughty List

The people and companies listed here have scammed us, scammed people or companies we are close with, or done something else to warrant never working with them again. Is this unprofessional? We don’t think so. We want to help freelancers avoid bad clients since most freelancers don’t have the means to fight debt without taking a big loss.

Studio Qi-Ni (Company)

Studio Qi-Ni owes us AND others thousands of dollars. They are basically bankrupt based on our research and have no intent to repay, though we are still working on legal action when corona subsides. Contact [email protected] if you wish to aide in the lawsuit.

Na-eem Hoosain (Individual)

Owner of Studio Qi-Ni who seems to be a habitual scammer. He is also registering more companies to be cautious of.

Richard Demeny (Individual)

Already marked as a scammer through reddit scam checkers. Basically hired him to do work, he did not do work and seemed to be unable to code what was paid for.